Customer Service is what sets the best business banks apart in st. louis

St. Louis, Mo., January 3, 2018 – Make sure your business banking partner has a customer-oriented approach that works for you.

You place your order for something. You pay for it. The service is provided or the product is received. Many of our day-to-day customer service experiences are ordinary, and we don’t think about the experience and how it makes us feel. For a transaction involving fast food, household goods, or office supplies, that might be fine.

Customer Service                     

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals like you should expect extraordinary customer service, however, from your business banking partner. You need your business banking relationship to grow with your business. The customer service offered by your banking institution provides the foundation for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship.                                           

What do you define as excellent customer service? Is your business bank a strong advocate for your business and partners? Do they show it with extraordinary customer service? Find out by asking yourself the following questions:  

  • What is most important to you?

    Consider your business situation.  What do you need from a banking partner to achieve your goals? Every business scenario has a unique set of challenges, and it is important to have a business bank that will get to know you and your business: one that will take the time to understand your long-term goals.
    It’s easy to quantify the benefit from a lower interest rate on your loan, a higher interest rate on your deposits or fewer service charges on the various products offered. It’s more difficult to quantify the value that personalized service will provide to your business.

  • How personalized do you want the relationship to be?

    Especially for more complex business transactions, what level of personalized attention will you receive? You want a business bank where the team members care about you, your family, and your personal and professional success. The best business bankers can guide, inform and be a step ahead of you, offering the best banking advice available.

  • What kind of banking customer are you?

    Business banking customers usually fall into three groups – Customers who like a high level of support for all financial transactions; customers who need occasional assistance; and customers who prefer automatic transactions. Do you need to borrow money now or in the future? Are you a large depositor? Do you require one or more ancillary services with regard to either a loan, a deposit or both? Do you need to interact with your bank on a semi-regular basis or do months or even years go by without any interaction?
    Commercial and business banking customers typically have a greater need for personalized customer service than retail customers because business banking transactions are generally more complex. The more financial services and products you use, the more important customer service should become to you.

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At The Business Bank of St. Louis, we make extraordinary customer service a priority. What does extraordinary customer service look like? Service you can count on, no matter your business banking needs:                                         


  • Commercial borrowers - The relationship developed with your loan officer is vital. Your loan officer takes the time and care to learn and understand your company, business situation, and goals, and designs a lending strategy that will help you achieve your objectives. Your loan officer is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and responsive. This provides for a seamless credit process and quicker credit decisions, which means less time dealing with financial matters and more time to focus on your core business.
  • Commercial depositors - Your relationship manager (supported by a one-on-one customer service team) learns and understands your cash management needs. The Business Bank of St. Louis is focused on providing you the resources to conduct your monetary transactions quickly and effortlessly while safeguarding transactions from fraudulent activity. You speak directly with a team member when you have a question about a transaction or a situation that needs to be addressed. Responses to your inquiries are immediate because your time is important.

At The Business Bank of St. Louis, we know that you are the reason we are in business. Without customers like you, we would not exist. We provide extraordinary customer service because this is not a transactional relationship. Our success is built upon the very strong personal relationships we develop with clients and our deep knowledge of your businesses. The business you have with us is your life’s work — it’s important to us because it’s important to you. You deserve the extraordinary.